Get Electric with Urban Decay

Urban Decay is an American cosmetic brand that is known for keeping things outside of the box. They are one of the most colorful and daring brands in the industry, creating classic and timeless neutral eye shadow palettes, as well as bright and bold palettes. This is why it came as no surprise when Urban Decay ran a social media campaign linking music festivals with their collection, Electric. The campaign was one of the most successful for the year, sticking to their goals, objectives, and tactics Urban Decay was able to see results in the following they received after the campaign ended.

Back in spring of 2014, Urban Decay used the social media platform, Pinterest, to run a contest for two tickets to the popular and sold out music festival, Coachella. Contestants were required to follow the brand on Pinterest, create a pin board titled “Get Electric with Urban Decay” and pin fashion looks and makeup products you would rock throughout the upcoming music festival season. They also had to fill out a form on the Urban Decay website, which then added them to the email list. One grand prize winner won two tickets to Coachella, a stockpile of UD summer essentials, and more. But essentially everyone was a winner because Urban Decay chose a platform where makeup and fashion lovers were able to get inspiration from each other and discuss Urban Decay’s new products.


The goal for this campaign was to build up the brands following on Pinterest, promote their new Electric collection, and get more people subscribed to their email list. They targeted a specific audience, which included women, 18- 35, that especially love music festivals, fashion, and makeup. The women photographed in their campaign ad above are a prime example of using their audience demographic to showcase their products on their faces, as well as fun festival activities with the paint on their clothes.   Urban Decay had a strategy to interact with their existing customers to keep them engaged and excited, as well as use Pinterest to generate the followers that the platform was lacking. The tactics they used to reach the campaigns goals were the rules and steps that the audience used when entering the contest. I can imagine the budget for this campaign was relatively small. They had to purchase the festival tickets, as well as a little bit of traditional paid ad placement to get the contest out there.

Overall, the campaign was a huge success. Urban Decay was able to target the correct audience and used the perfect platform to promote their festival worthy products. The brands Pinterest page generated over 51,000 followers on one board alone by the end of the campaign. Urban Decay can also conduct more customer and product marketing research from the new subscribers to their email list. By choosing Pinterest, contestants were pinning the brands new collection, which caused their followers to also become more aware of the collection and the brand.









*Deconstructing a social media campaign paper*

*Daily Blog Post #29*


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